The Best-Selling Adult DVDs of All Time

The Best-Selling Adult DVDs of All Time

Still narrowing down your choices of the best sex ideas you can share with your partner? Movies for adults prove to be one of the most preferred sex ideas for couples as it increases the quality and amount of sex in the person’s life.


Whether you have been married for some years now, or have just started a new relationship, it is important to discuss some sexual ideas with your partner. Sex with the one your ultimate love is one of the most satisfying experiences. Also, it is something that every person must be relishing to the fullest. Learning to experience and enjoy sex to its full potential is an ongoing process of learning.

You’d better keep on reading because this article will reveal some of them.

#1 Award Winning Sex Scenes

Are you looking for a jam-packed sex scene you’ve never seen before? Then, this DVD is worth including in your list. It boasts 22 clips. Thus, you’ll surely enjoy watching this with your partner. Aside from that, Award Winning Sex Scenes also highlights clips from some famous Vivid titles like Bad Wives 1 and 2, Fade to Black etc. Moreover, it also includes some of your favourite performers such as Nikki Tyler, Jenna Jameson, Dyanna Lauren, Christy Canyon and so on.

#2 Flashpoint

Do you want to witness an extraordinary adult action? Flashpoint can give you what you’re seeking for. Known as one of the mega adult movies, this features blistering sex and action sequences, making Wicked one of the best companies in adult video industry. In this DVD, you’ll see great locations, stunning pyrotechnics as well as goddess-like and daring decadent casts.

#3 Island Fever

Digital Playground created another masterpiece for adult entertainment industry – none other than but Island Fever. Released June 4, 2001, watching this will make you find yourself in the midst of an island sanctuary where you can turn your fantasies into reality. Passion is the name of the game in this DVD. Allow Julia Ann, Briana Banks and Tera Patrick spiced up these fantasies under the tropical sun. Prepare extra sheets of tissues because you will definitely sweat more than ever.

Watch, connect and recreate

Watching movies for adults with your partner doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. But if you feel a bit awkward, you can try a different turn on it. Think of it as somewhat of joke; think of it as instructive. In all cases, don’t be insulted and don’t take it in a very serious manner. You might ask your partner if they like to try what they see in an adult movie using your sexiest voice. If they do, show the way and play it out. It can be more rewarding and more fun than what you think.


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